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Get Paid Doing What You Enjoy

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What do you love doing?

Think about it.

Name it. Got it? Now…

I can almost guarantee you that there is someone being paid for doing just that right now!

“Get Paid or What You Like to Do” is the first headline on our new site for Northstar Startup. That title will likely change over time but we’ve started with it because, it’s true. You can get paid for doing what you enjoy.

On the Northstar Startup blog, as with all Northstar programs, we’re not looking to reinvent the wheel. Our job is to bring together the resources that already exist, that can help you start your own business.

We’re bringing together people with small business expertise, professionals, training videos, valuable articles, free tools and more that will help you be successful in business.

And that starts now. I want to point you to this article, Best Small Business Ideas for Canadians by Keph Senett at Young & Thrifty. In this article, Keph suggest 11 categories of jobs with multiple ways of starting business in each category.

Have a read. Perhaps it will inspire you to a new business.